faifytale02Your invitations are a very important element of your wedding . It’s the first introduction your guests are going to get to the big day. I’ve been amazed over the years at how many couples think they aren’t really that important or it doesn’t matter what they look like or anything will do ….. whoa whoa, back up there….. time to reset !!

Think of your wedding as a Hollywood blockbuster. Your invitations are the trailer! The exact same attention to detail goes into that trailer as goes into the movie, the trailer needs to be a true reflection of how amazing the movie will be. Likewise your invitations need to represent your day, they need to show your guests a glimpse of whats in store without giving away too much ! You can do this through colour, style, themes. The main point is put some thought and effort into your 1st correspondance with your guests.

So where do you start ? Here are a few things to consider before choosing :

  1. Colour – Have you a certain colour you want incorporated , maybe the Bridesmaids dress colour
  2. Style – Is your wedding of a certain definite style eg quirky, vintage, glitzy, traditional. This will influence your invitation style.
  3. Theme – Are you having a themed wedding? Eg Places we’ve visited, Romantic cities, Favourite Love Songs. You can easily match your invitations to any theme through colour, style etc.
  4. Cost – Whats your budget ? Remember we can offer a bespoke service too so we can fit your style into your budget !
  5. What type of Invitation do I want? Eg Flat card, Pocketfold, Folded Card, Scroll. Do I require RSVP cards?
  6. Numbers – How many people are we inviting ? How many actual invites do we need?

If you sit down and answer these questions it will make choosing a lot easier. If you have a big wedding then you might need to economise on how much you spend per invite but that doesn’t mean you have to economise on style or quality. Any questions just email us on info@enchantedstationery.com or contact us through our Contact Page.