Save the Dates are a reletively new addition to the wedding stationery family. They are definitely not a compulsary item of stationery so how do you decide whether you want or indeed need them ?

The idea of Save the Dates is to send word to your guests well in advance of the formal invites to allow them to make travel or accomodation plans if needed. I suppose the need for Save the Dates has increased in our modern lives as people are so busy, many couples are both working and if invited to weddings need ample time to arrange time off work, childcare etc.

So do you need them for your wedding ? If you have a guest list that extends across the ocean then probably yes ! Remember they aren’t like invitations, that is you don’t need to send them to everyone on your guest list . You can choose to send them to family and friends who will need to travel or stay overnight. Giving them plenty of notice allows them to avail of better deals on accommodation and travel .

Here’s the best advice on the Save the Dates ….. be selective who gets them ! You know that youre definitely inviting your Uncle Paddy & Auntie Joan who are living in New York and they will surely appreciate notice to get themselves sorted to attend. Now Susan that works in your office that has a tendency to wind you is on your list as basically you couldn’t not invite her if youre inviting the rest of the office but being realistic with maybe a year to the wedding who knows what might happen , you mightn’t still be working with each other so why secure the invite? Only send Save the Dates to the people you are 110% sure you will want at the wedding. The Save the Dates go out as far as a year in advance so don’t over commit. If you fall out with acquaintences or loose contact you really don’t want to be tied to inviting people you don’t see anymore.

The format you send out is a matter of choice. You can order physical Save the Dates that you can post out, you can set up a Wedding Website and send the link in an email to the guests you want to give notice to, or you can ask your stationery designer to design you a digital Save the Date that matches your invitations that you can email to the relevant guests, while keeping with the theme and style of your stationery. I would recommend this if your budget is limited. It saves on not only the purchase of physical cards but also postage. You might have to pay your stationer a fee for the design but that all you will have to pay as its email based.

There are the couples that love the idea of sending out the Save the Dates, if that’s what you like then go for it ! If you’re mad into all the trims of weddings its like sending out the invitations twice, some couples love the excitement of that .

Theres no right or wrong answer so go with your own thoughts on it !


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