design4basketWe want to introduce our new range to you, our Gifts for Bridesmaids, the perfect way to ask “Will you be my Bridesmaid” or to say “Thank You for being my Bridesmaid “. We have many designs in the collection and you can choose from many text options to pop the question to your Bridesmaids ! You can choose from personalised chocolate bars, personalised wine labels and personalised greeting cards. The range is in delicate and romantic tones so is sure to fit in with any wedding theme.  You can choose a design you like and custom the text you want .  design4card

Its a very special honour to be asked to be a Bridesmaid or a Maid of Honour and it is extra special when it’s someone close to you asking you to be a part of their Wedding Day. The idea of this new range is a meaningful but affordable way to ask your Bridesmaids. You can present the gifts in a box or in a cellophane wrap , whatever you want ! design3basket

If you are buying as Thank You Gifts for Bridesmaids you can add these in with other little gifts you pick up for the girls  and make up a lovely gift presentation. You can do this before the day, include things like the jewellery or the day and little beauty essentials for your bridesmaids, you can custom your gift to individual bridesmaids , thats the beauty of a gift like this. The sky is the limit and the budget is totally in your control ! design2basket

So here’s a great start to your gifts for bridesmaids, they won’t break the bank and will let your intended bridesmaids know that a bit of thought and care went in to asking them.  Prices are as follows :design3bar

Personalised Chocolate Bars €4.50design2wine

Personalised Wine Labels €2.50

Personalised Greeting Cards €4design1card

We are happy to offer discount on bulk buys so please let us know if you would like to discuss your needs

We also provide our wine labels to match your wedding theme if you would like personalised labels on your dinner wines on your Wedding Day. Talk to us about quantities and prices


Many couples seem totally bewildered when it comes to RSVPS. In times gone by wedding invitations would state a date you were required to RSVP by. Then you would go to the local newsagent and pick up one of those dinky little RSVP notelets which stated whether you could attend or not and you would pop it in the post. I remember this as a child when an invitation would come to the house, before smart phones and emails it was a simple case of the old note in the post and it was basic manners that you would send a reply to the kind invitation!

So now we have lots of ways to RSVP. It can be by return post, by text, by phone , by email or wedding website. Heres a few ideas for you to decide what is best for your needs.

  • If you want a physical RSVP card in your invitations then consider ordering Pocketfold invitations. These include and RSVP card and envelope for it as standard . The pocket also allows you to add an extra card of useful information for your guests. The advantage is that the price includes the RSVP in the package so you know your outlay.
  • If you aren’t sold on a pocketfold then you can always order an additional card with whatever style of invitation you decide on. The most economical option is usually a postcard style RSVP as you don’t need envelopes . If you decide to add RSVPS to your invitations remember you don’t need to order one per invite. You can choose how many you need thus controlling your budget. If you know the majority of your guests are on social media or email you can use these methods to manage RSVPS and just provide the physical RSVPS to guests you reckon will prefer the more traditional physical card in the post !
  • For your guests that are on social media you can set up a private event and call it “Wedding RSVP”. You can then invite your guests and they will either accept or decline.
  • For your guests who would use email to reply you can include your wedding email on your invite. EG” RSVP by 10th July 2016 by emailing “.
  • If you set up a wedding website many of these include a feature that allows guests to click on an RSVP option to reply. You can eitehr email them the link to RSVP through the website or print the wedding website web address on the invitation.
  • You can print a telephone number to text RSVP to on your invitation. This is proving to be a popular option as almost everyone has a mobile phone so it can be the easiset option to use.
  • Make sure you leave your RSVP date as a month before your wedding date, this gives you time to chase up any that forget to reply and leaves you ample time to give your final numbers to the hotel/caterer.
  • The extra things you can include on your RSVP is whether your guests have any special dietary requirements (allows people with allergies/intolerance to let you know prior to day so you can make sure a suitable meal is available for them )
  • Some couples are opting to include a ‘Favourite Song” option on the RSVP to allow them to present a song request sheet to their wedding DJ in advance.
  • Make sure you either number the invites or leave a space for the guest to write their names on RSVP as many times this is overlooked and you get RSVPS returned with no names which is a disaster !
  • If you are wanting to include Stamped Adressed Envelopes with your RSVPS, An Post do fab wedding stamps and you can buy a book of them in your local post office or online



Save the Dates are a reletively new addition to the wedding stationery family. They are definitely not a compulsary item of stationery so how do you decide whether you want or indeed need them ?

The idea of Save the Dates is to send word to your guests well in advance of the formal invites to allow them to make travel or accomodation plans if needed. I suppose the need for Save the Dates has increased in our modern lives as people are so busy, many couples are both working and if invited to weddings need ample time to arrange time off work, childcare etc.

So do you need them for your wedding ? If you have a guest list that extends across the ocean then probably yes ! Remember they aren’t like invitations, that is you don’t need to send them to everyone on your guest list . You can choose to send them to family and friends who will need to travel or stay overnight. Giving them plenty of notice allows them to avail of better deals on accommodation and travel .

Here’s the best advice on the Save the Dates ….. be selective who gets them ! You know that youre definitely inviting your Uncle Paddy & Auntie Joan who are living in New York and they will surely appreciate notice to get themselves sorted to attend. Now Susan that works in your office that has a tendency to wind you is on your list as basically you couldn’t not invite her if youre inviting the rest of the office but being realistic with maybe a year to the wedding who knows what might happen , you mightn’t still be working with each other so why secure the invite? Only send Save the Dates to the people you are 110% sure you will want at the wedding. The Save the Dates go out as far as a year in advance so don’t over commit. If you fall out with acquaintences or loose contact you really don’t want to be tied to inviting people you don’t see anymore.

The format you send out is a matter of choice. You can order physical Save the Dates that you can post out, you can set up a Wedding Website and send the link in an email to the guests you want to give notice to, or you can ask your stationery designer to design you a digital Save the Date that matches your invitations that you can email to the relevant guests, while keeping with the theme and style of your stationery. I would recommend this if your budget is limited. It saves on not only the purchase of physical cards but also postage. You might have to pay your stationer a fee for the design but that all you will have to pay as its email based.

There are the couples that love the idea of sending out the Save the Dates, if that’s what you like then go for it ! If you’re mad into all the trims of weddings its like sending out the invitations twice, some couples love the excitement of that .

Theres no right or wrong answer so go with your own thoughts on it !


Our Enchanted Wedding Logo

At Enchanted Stationery we are proud to have a supplier profile on a new resource site for engaged couples.

At the  aim is to provide a personal service to couples

  • provide practical advise for couples on any budget.
  • A real life bride, The Countdown Bride, regularly blogs all elements of preparations for her big day.
  • There are free downloads available from planning tools to useful prints for the wedding day.
  • A quarterly magazine is available for free download, with articles and information helping the couple in their preparations while also promoting our suppliers.
  • A regular Online Virtual Wedding Fair provides suppliers with the opportunity to promote special offers and competitions.

You can find our profile at the following link:



faifytale02Your invitations are a very important element of your wedding . It’s the first introduction your guests are going to get to the big day. I’ve been amazed over the years at how many couples think they aren’t really that important or it doesn’t matter what they look like or anything will do ….. whoa whoa, back up there….. time to reset !!

Think of your wedding as a Hollywood blockbuster. Your invitations are the trailer! The exact same attention to detail goes into that trailer as goes into the movie, the trailer needs to be a true reflection of how amazing the movie will be. Likewise your invitations need to represent your day, they need to show your guests a glimpse of whats in store without giving away too much ! You can do this through colour, style, themes. The main point is put some thought and effort into your 1st correspondance with your guests.

So where do you start ? Here are a few things to consider before choosing :

  1. Colour – Have you a certain colour you want incorporated , maybe the Bridesmaids dress colour
  2. Style – Is your wedding of a certain definite style eg quirky, vintage, glitzy, traditional. This will influence your invitation style.
  3. Theme – Are you having a themed wedding? Eg Places we’ve visited, Romantic cities, Favourite Love Songs. You can easily match your invitations to any theme through colour, style etc.
  4. Cost – Whats your budget ? Remember we can offer a bespoke service too so we can fit your style into your budget !
  5. What type of Invitation do I want? Eg Flat card, Pocketfold, Folded Card, Scroll. Do I require RSVP cards?
  6. Numbers – How many people are we inviting ? How many actual invites do we need?

If you sit down and answer these questions it will make choosing a lot easier. If you have a big wedding then you might need to economise on how much you spend per invite but that doesn’t mean you have to economise on style or quality. Any questions just email us on or contact us through our Contact Page.


BHWF01We were delighted to exhibit at the Bridge House Hotel Wedding Fair earlier today. We got to meet lots of new couples and got great feedback on some of our new designs. We’ll look forward to working with some of them in future.

We ran a competition to win €100 off your wedding stationery on the day. Winner to be announced soon.

You can see some of the pictures from the day here