design4basketWe want to introduce our new range to you, our Gifts for Bridesmaids, the perfect way to ask “Will you be my Bridesmaid” or to say “Thank You for being my Bridesmaid “. We have many designs in the collection and you can choose from many text options to pop the question to your Bridesmaids ! You can choose from personalised chocolate bars, personalised wine labels and personalised greeting cards. The range is in delicate and romantic tones so is sure to fit in with any wedding theme.  You can choose a design you like and custom the text you want .  design4card

Its a very special honour to be asked to be a Bridesmaid or a Maid of Honour and it is extra special when it’s someone close to you asking you to be a part of their Wedding Day. The idea of this new range is a meaningful but affordable way to ask your Bridesmaids. You can present the gifts in a box or in a cellophane wrap , whatever you want ! design3basket

If you are buying as Thank You Gifts for Bridesmaids you can add these in with other little gifts you pick up for the girls  and make up a lovely gift presentation. You can do this before the day, include things like the jewellery or the day and little beauty essentials for your bridesmaids, you can custom your gift to individual bridesmaids , thats the beauty of a gift like this. The sky is the limit and the budget is totally in your control ! design2basket

So here’s a great start to your gifts for bridesmaids, they won’t break the bank and will let your intended bridesmaids know that a bit of thought and care went in to asking them.  Prices are as follows :design3bar

Personalised Chocolate Bars €4.50design2wine

Personalised Wine Labels €2.50

Personalised Greeting Cards €4design1card

We are happy to offer discount on bulk buys so please let us know if you would like to discuss your needs

We also provide our wine labels to match your wedding theme if you would like personalised labels on your dinner wines on your Wedding Day. Talk to us about quantities and prices